California Extraordinary Session on Health Care (SB140/SB151 Special Session)

California Extraordinary Session on Health Care recently posted a wealth of information regarding the followup special session bills that would push forward many of the issues California vapers fought in SB140 and SB151.  As many of you may know, SB140 and SB151 were very adamantly fought against and were eventually dropped from the docket.

Unfortunately for California (and this is extremely typical across the country), Governor Jerry Brown called for a special session that would be shielded from the general public’s comments.  This type of special session is almost always used to push forward unpopular bills that would (and have) died due to public outcry.

The link contains all the contact information and changes being proposed.  The biggest highlights are defining electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco, raising the smoking age (and therefore vaping age) to 21, and adding further definitions to tobacco free indoor locations.  Again, this would classify vapor products the same as tobacco and would be banned in those indoor spaces as well.

Please read the link and help show Governor Brown and the California Assembly that these types of backroom sessions are not tolerated or wanted by the public.

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