Drip Nation Full Eliquid Line Review

When I was at Vape Expo, I had the pleasure of sitting with the Drip Nation crew for a little bit to discuss their liquid line.  At the end I was given a bag with their full line, information card, and business cards.  Whoever did their marketing/graphic design/and overall vision of how they wanted to market their product really did a great job.  Black labels, black bottle, simple and clean design, consistent in every detail.  Even the bag I was given everything in matched the labels and bottles.

Drip Nation Line and Marketing Material

Drip Nation is a New Jersey based liquid company, that uses an all natural and organic flavoring process.  This alone intrigued me as I want to try some of the newer liquids that go out of their way to not use anything artificial.  All their liquids are described as a “dripper line” and all produce copious amounts of thick vapor.  Vapor production on all of them is a 10/10.  All testing was done at 3mg nicotine level with fresh cotton and a dry burn of the coils in between each liquid.

  • RBA/box: Derringer / Snow Wolf 200w
  • Build: Dual coil 24 gauge kanthal, ~0.22 ohms, fresh Japanese cotton


Triumph – “A sweet and tart citrus drink”

Upon opening the bottle, you notice a strong tartness to it.  It hits you front and center in a good way, if you like this type of flavor.  I loaded up the dripper and went to work on it.  Like the smell, strong citrus right off the bat.  Personally, I’m a big fan of lime and citrus flavors.  Placid from Adirondack Vapor is one of my ADV’s and I’m unashamed to admit to buying multiple 120 and 250ml bottles over the past couple years.

Unfortunately, the sweetness of the liquid was also right up front as well.  It came off as overly sweet and really washed out the citrus on the exhale.  I really wanted to like this liquid but unfortunately I cannot give this one a thumbs up or recommend it unless you REALLY love sweet liquids.

  • Overall Rating: 4/10


Oath – “A creamy, aromatic spiced tea”

When I first opened this bottle, first impressions were a nice spice, tea, and creaminess.  As a big fan of Chai tea and latte’s, my first impressions were good.  The first taste of this liquid was excellent.  Bold spices, tea and cream.  A great combination that is an excellent flavor to sit down and realx, enjoy a hot beverage and book.  Do you want to come home, sit down on the couch and relax?  Reach for a bottle of Oath to add to relaxation regiment.  Absolutely would recommend this flavor to anyone who enjoys the flavor profile.

  • Overall Rating: 10/10


Evolve – “A delicious berry smoothie”

Berries!  Lots and lots of berries!  This bottle is packed full of multiple berry flavors.  Raspberry seems to be the strongest flavor, along with a slight amount of strawberry and blueberry.  Possibly some blackberry in there as well.

On the exhale you get a velvety creaminess that reminds you of a bowl of fruit and whipped cream.  Oh the cream, it is perfectly blended and compliments the fruit flavors well.  On the last bit of the exhale, you get even more berries.  If you like fruit and cream flavors, this is going to be a hard liquid to put down.  This is easily an all day vape.

  • Overall Rating: 10/10


United – “A delicate combination of berries and walnuts”

Another berry flavor but with a walnut back.  It seems the flavoring here is the same as Evolve in terms of berries, but a bit more reserved.  It’s not quite as forward as Evolve and balances well with the walnut.

On the walnut, I’m not fully convinced it’s actually a walnut flavor.  It tastes close to it, but not quite.  Maybe there’s something else mixed in that’s throwing it off for me.  Good flavor, not something I would choose if I was shopping around for a new flavor compared to others in the line.

  • Overall Rating: 7/10


Faction – “A rich and creamy strawberry parfait”

Right off the bat you realize that the description is accurate.  Rich strawberries and a balanced and delectable creaminess all come forward from the first taste.  The parfait description is definitely on point and the creators of this succulent liquid really hit it right.  I also get a hint of something reminiscent of graham cracker or a similar addition.  I’m not 100% positive what the last flavor is but it balances nicely with the rest.

The exhale of this liquid is just as smooth and delectable.  From start to finish, Faction is a smooth operator.  I can happily recommend this Faction if the flavor profile interests you.

  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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