Cloud Sauce Vape – Cereal Milk Reloaded E-Liquid Review

Cereal Milk Reloaded by Cloud Sauce Vape is another liquid I picked up at Vape Expo NJ.  I’ve had it on my table for the past few weeks and decided to finally try it.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all too excited to try yet another cereal and milk flavor.  I’ve been somewhat over them for a couple months as many of the liquids out there are too similar.

On the label, it’s described as Max VG.  It also lists the actual blend of PG/VG which comes to 15/85.  They also describe the flavor as “A bowl of cereal in sweet strawberry milk goodness”

  • RBA/mod: Snubnose / SX Mini M Class
  • Build: 26 gauge Ni200, .1 ohms, single coil, fresh Japanese coil
  • Temperature/Wattage: 420F, 40 Joules

First thoughts on this liquid, is the strong forward extremely sweet cream.  Typically, most of these types of cereal flavors try to balance the milky creaminess with the flavor of an actual cereal.  It seems that Cereal Milk Reloaded wanted to change that and put that creaminess front and center.  The strawberry is much more on the backend of the vapor.

In terms of cereal, I believe they are trying to replicate a Fruit Loops style flavor.  It’s subtle and not overly powerful.  Honestly, it’s pretty mild in terms of the cereal flavor itself.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but I wouldn’t be expecting a very in your face version of the cereal.

Pricing is right where I would expect it to be for MSRP.  $9.99 for a 15ml bottle, $16.99 for a 30ml.  They offer a 60ml version for $29.99 as well.  Pricing is average, not too high, not the lowest either.

Final thoughts – I wish I found this liquid before I got tired of cereal flavors.  I do enjoy this liquid, but can quickly get tired of it.  For you cereal lovers out there, this might be a very good choice for you.

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Is it harsh: No
  • Value: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 8/10

Cloud Sauce Vape Company

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