Another Local Ordinance Influenced by GASP

Recently, the township of Hillsdale in New Jersey is looking to change their local ordinances to match the existing state laws regarding tobacco sales.  Currently, in NJ you have to be 19 years of age to purchase tobacco.  For some reason, there was a local ordinance in the town that superseded the state law and only required the purchaser to be 18 years of age.

While I don’t have an issue with the current age to purchase tobacco (even though I can’t see how 1 year is going to really make a huge difference), my question is, why is there a local ordinance in the first place?  Why does Hillsdale have to be different?  And why is the policy being influenced by GASP (Global Advisors on Smokefree policy)?

Karen Blumfields quote: “Many studies show health issues with using and being exposed to smoke from electronic smoking devices, and ingredients in many of the products contain hazardous and even carcinogenic chemicals,”

Why is she still pushing the same scientific research that is being disproven over and over?  Well, once the smoking rates drop enough, GASP won’t have a reason to exist.  If/when even more research is published showing how much safer electronic cigarettes are, why is she trying to hold on to her own misguided ideas?  Seems like she might be afraid that her job won’t be necessary in the near future. Article Link

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