Secret Handshake Vapor Draught Review

With new e-liquids hitting the market daily, it gets difficult to tell what is really well made and new compared to another version of an existing established flavor.  Most of the time, you’re getting variations of well-known flavors or knockoffs/trademark infringement of other companies (see Gush, Snap, Fruit Stripe, as well as countless others).  It’s getting rarer and rarer that new liquids hit the market don’t rely on some sort of questionable labeling and copies of existing candy/food flavors actually come out.  Well, this is one of those rare times.

Secret Handshake Vapor Draught have come out with 3 flavors on their initial debut.  High quality bottles and labels plus fresh logos help set this liquid apart from the rest of the market.

All 3 labels of Secret Handshake Vapor Draught

The 3 flavors are:

  • Oath – Fresh vanilla granola blended with golden raisins and dried black currants, lightly sweetened with honey.
  • Trust – Sweet vine-ripened strawberries blended with goji berries on top of skyr style yogurt.
  • Wit – A rich mixture of sweet caramel, delectable nougat, and toasted coconut with notes of creamy milk chocolate.

All 3 flavors are 80%/20% VG/PG blend with sealed/childproof tops.  The flavor names are clearly marked, as well as the VG/PG blend, nicotine level, and appropriate warnings.  Each flavor has a slightly different color to the label to provide even easier differentiation.

Hardware for testing: Snow Wolf 200w, Hobo v3.1, 26 gauge dual parallel coils @ 0.27 ohms.

Let’s start with Wit.  Typically I like to vape more decadent liquids at a higher wattage as most of the more subtle notes come out more clearly.  I started at 65w and quickly cranked it up to 70/75w.  You’re first hit with the sweet caramel.  Caramel is typically an easier flavor to get right but the balance is always key.  It’s a very forward flavor but is quickly joined by the nougat and coconut.  The cream smooths everything out and the chocolate notes come out more deeply on the exhale.  I never thought that there’d be a good nougat flavor but I definitely found it here.  It happens to be one of my favorite additions in chocolates and it comes out clean and delicious.  Absolutely a recommendation here for this one.

As we move on to Oath, I was excited to get to try a different type of vanilla flavor.  I’ve had so many vanilla custards and cream flavors that I’ve mostly turned away from them.  But since the vanilla is part of the granola plus the golden raisins, dried black currants, and honey had me intrigued.  Wow.  The vanilla granola is extremely flavorful, the raisins and black currants give it a savory flavor, and the honey tops everything with a slight woodiness (that might be the granola making it’s appearance on the exhale though).

Lastly, we come to Trust.  Now typically, I wouldn’t really think of another strawberry and yogurt flavor as something new and exciting.  I’ve vaped a lot of strawberry creams/milks/yogurts from various companies.  I’m extremely happy to say that this is not like the rest.  The strawberry is on the backend and is a more fresh strawberry flavor compared to many artificial ones.  The goji berry is more pronounced and the yogurt tops it all off in a balanced manner.

Pricing is right in line for where it should be at $19.99 for a 30ml bottle.  You can also get all 3 in a special pack for $54.99 (the bottle sizes are still 30 ml), saving you $5 if you were to buy them separately.

Overall, I really enjoy all 3 flavors.  If i had to choose my favorite, it is probably Wit, Oath, then Trust.  Keep in mind that all 3 liquids are quite good and since everyone’s tastes are slightly different, you might find you like the other flavors over my choices.  But you really can’t go wrong on any of them.

You can find these liquids available on their site, NJ/PA/IL based Good Guy Vapes brick and mortar locations, as well as other various NJ based shops.

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Is it harsh/peppery?: No
  • Value: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10


  1. By Robert Makitra


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