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Steadfast Liquid Company

As I’ve seen time and time in the vaping industry, there are many companies out there that spend more money on marketing and making another buck instead of focusing on making a good quality product.  You see this over and over again with fancy labels, crazy names for a line of flavors, and even blatant trademark infringement to get your attention.  But in many of these cases, these liquids are usually mediocre at best.

I can assure you, Steadfast does none of this.  That is a very good thing.

Steadfast Liquid sample bottles - tasteful original artwork is used for the labels.

Steadfast Liquid sample bottles – tasteful original artwork is used for the labels.









There are currently 5 different flavors available from Steadfast.  Those flavors are:

  • Chino – Creamy coffee with a hint of caramel, plus a shot of espresso
  • Peach – Georgia peach with a mixture of sweet creams
  • Strawberry – Sweet strawberry with a mixture of sweet creams
  • Sugar Cookie – Sweet and savory as the cookie
  • Tradewinds – Peach guava fruit medley

As typical, I’ll be using a Snow Wolf 200w mod with my trusty Snubnose RDA.  24 gauge dual coil @ 0.37 ohms running at 45 watts.


I’ll start off with the Peach flavor, as it is the first one I decided to grab.  I’ve always struggled to find a good peach flavor.  In the early days of vaping, it was always available but the quality was typically…poor.  It always tasted artificial, harsh, and/or overly sweet.  Happily, times have changed.  This peach flavor is sweet but not overpowering.  It doesn’t come off as artificial or with a perfume type scent.  The sweet cream base (also used in the Strawberry flavor) adds a touch more sweetness but also balances the flavor nicely.

Definitely an easy all day vape.  I’m going to recommend to Steadfast that they carry 120ml bottles.  I also might have to recommend that Steadfast have a monthly subscription option for this flavor.


I have been sitting on this one for a while.  I actually vaped my sample bottle over a day and saved about 1ml so I could write the review on it.  Saving that last 1ml was extremely difficult because you can vape it so easily.

This is a very similar flavor to Peach because the same cream base is used.  The strawberry is natural tasting and not overpowering.  I found that most of my all day vapes are typically not overly complex or contain too many different flavors.  This is no exception.  It is a liquid you can fill your tank a couple times a day with or run in your dripper for hours on end.  If you only buy one 30ml bottle, you’ll be quick to order another.


This is another flavor of Steadfast’s that I’ve been sitting on for a bit as well.  I’m always interested in fruity tropical flavors as I can typically vape them for a longer portion of the day compared to more complex or decadent flavors.

The peach guava flavor comes out immediately.  Clean and easy to vape with what seems like an added pineapple plus a couple other fruits that I can’t 100% confirm.

The cream base that is used in Peach and Strawberry is not present in Tradewinds.  It is not needed here.  The fruit flavor mixture is excellent and definitely suitable for warmer weather if you like to pair your flavors seasonally.  That being said, I can happily enjoy this liquid at any time during the year.

Sugar Cookie

I’ve only heard excellent things about the Sugar Cookie flavor.  Multiple people have stated on Facebook pages and in person that Sugar Cookie is their favorite flavor out of the 5.  I wanted to save this flavor for one of the last of the night and group the fruit flavors and more decadent flavors together.

So, sugar cookie.  What’s my take on it?  Overall, it’s really tasty.  The sugar sweetness comes out but that’s after a bit of spice hits your taste buds.  A bit of cinnamon and/or nutmeg gives it a slight spice to the flavor and the sweet sugariness of the cookie hits the back of your throat.

I also found that this specific flavor likes a warmer setup.  At 45 watts the flavor was good but it felt like I was missing something.  When I turned up the coils to 50 and even 55 watts plus closed off the airflow a bit more, the flavor got a bit more complex and subtle sweeter notes of the cookie started coming out.  This is definitely not a flavor you want to run in a high airflow dripper as you’ll really lose out on some of the more “hidden” flavors.

If you’re not a fruit flavor person, this would be one to get on your list of liquids to try.


I’m always a bit hesitant of coffee based flavors.  I’ve tried a LOT of different coffee flavors over the years and most always they come off as artificial, too strong and not well balanced, or just straight up taste awful.  I blame the early liquid industry and cheaply mixed flavors.

That being said, I actually enjoy this one quite a bit.  The creaminess really balances out the coffee and espresso flavors to create a succulent liquid that is easily enjoyable if you like coffee based flavors.

I did notice a slight pepperiness when I first opened the bottle.  That quickly went away after a few pulls.  I’ll chalk that up to the bottle being fresh and not aerating for much time.

Based on this flavor profile, I feel like this would pair well with the hazelnut coffee that I typically brew every morning.  I’ll be trying it again in the morning but I expect it to be even more enjoyable tomorrow.

Final Thoughts

Steadfast has put together a very solid group of liquids.  All the flavors are well balanced and easy to vape.  The nicotine quality seems pretty high as I’m not getting any real harshness.  All the liquids are max VG so keep that in mind when running them in certain tanks.

Peach and Strawberry I could easily vape all day.  It would all depend on my mood that day but both are flavorful and simple enough to not get easily tired of.

Tradewinds is my overall pick for the fruit flavors.  It’s insanely delicious if you like tropical flavors.  The guava mixture really makes you think of a tropical island or beach.  I want to be drinking a similar flavor while I enjoy the sun and pair it with this liquid.

Sugar Cookie is delightful.  At the end of a long day when you just want to relax and spoil yourself a little bit with a savory treat, this is a great go to.   It also works well at the end of a meal if you’re used to a sugary treat.

Chino I enjoyed quite thoroughly.  It wouldn’t be the first liquid I go to but it is a very well made liquid.  If I’m in the right mood or want to balance it with my morning coffee I’ll be reaching for this liquid bottle.

Pricing for Steadfast is extremely reasonable.  30ml bottles are $15 normally and a sample pack is currently going for $35 for all 5 in 15ml bottles. I’ve also seen sales run decently often on their Facebook page and group.  Pay attention for those sales and you’ll get a very high quality liquid at extremely competitive prices.

  • Flavor(s): 9/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Value: 10/10
  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Steadfast Liquid Webpage

Steadfast Liquid Facebook Page

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