The Dough Haus Vapery – Review

The Dough Haus Vapery

As I work through my backlog of liquid to taste and review, I was recently handed 2 bottles of liquid from The Dough Haus Vapery.  These two bottles are both donut flavors with strawberry or blueberry.  These two liquids make up their line.

Both bottles use similar labels and the flavors are signified with a large pink S or teal blue B for strawberry and blueberry respectively.

The descriptions of each flavor from Dough Haus’s website are:

  • Strawberry Dough’nut – Ripe strawberries along with freshly baked donuts.  Glaze topping with a sweet touch of whipped cream.
  • Blueberry Dough’nut – Blueberry donut and lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

As typical, I’ll be using a Snow Wolf 200w mod with my trusty Snubnose RDA.  24 gauge dual coil @ 0.37 ohms running at 45 watts.


Dough Haus Vapery Strawberry and Blueberry

Dough Haus Vapery Strawberry and Blueberry

Strawberry Dough’nut

Strawberry flavors are always ones that interest me.  Since I generally stick to fruit flavor mixtures as my typical choice for the day and being a bit of a fat kid at heart, a strawberry donut sounded rather delicious.

When I opened the bottle, I was greeted with a very powerful but wonderful smelling strawberry.  The liquid is a little on the darker side so your wicks might need to be changed a bit more often with this liquid.  I didn’t get any other flavors from the smell of the liquid.

Once I primed up my wicks and broke them in a little bit, I started off with 45w to my coils.  The strawberry and whipped cream come forward immediately and are decent.  I kept on vaping and vaping more, expecting to get the actual donut flavor at some point.  Unfortunately, it never presented itself.  I’ve tasted a few other donut flavors before, and this liquid really doesn’t come off as a donut flavor.

Blueberry Dough’nut

Since I was a little disappointed with the strawberry flavor, I figured maybe Dough Haus got it right with their blueberry flavor.

Again, I opened up the bottle to give it the ol’ sniff test.  Blueberries front and center that smell delicious.  Another decently dark liquid so I changed my wicks, primed them up and broke them in with a few presses of the firing button to get the wick cycled.

After the wick is primed I start off.  Blueberry comes out first as expected.  The powdered sugar is light and a secondary flavor but present.  Again, I expected to get a donut and sugary flavor.  I keep vaping, trying to find that flavor on my tongue.  Unfortunately, I am disappointed again.  There was no real donut flavor present.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty disappointed with these two flavors.  The strawberry and blueberry flavor are average at best.  The whipped cream in the strawberry is ok but I can’t really give it anything over an average rating.  Considering that donut is the basis of both these flavors, not having that flavor come forward in either liquid makes me not recommend either.  Pricing is also not listed on their site.  When you click on “Buy” you’re given a map of different vendors that carry it.  After a little bit of searching, I found pricing at $21 for a 30ml.

One final thought.  The website, while well designed, lists the strawberry flavor first and the blueberry flavor second.  Maybe they should switch that around so it read BS when looking at the images.  Because that’s exactly how I feel after trying both these bottles.


How the labels should read...

How the labels should read…









  • Flavor: 5/10
  • Is it harsh: No
  • Value: 3/10
  • Overall Rating: 3/10

The Dough Haus Vapery Website

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