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Hyper Plume

About a month ago I was given a set of Hyper Plume’s debut liquid line.  I was lucky enough to get to beta test one of the flavors (Turbo) while they were still tweaking the flavors for the final product.  I can happily say that I now have their final product in my hands to test.

Even before opening the bottles, I will admit I was enticed by their label design.  I’m a huge fan of retro 80’s designs and science fiction.  The labels bring back to early memories of Tron, Galactic Attack, and the Last Starfighter.  I’m not one to fall for marketing easily, but this had my attention.  Nicotine content and VG/PG blend is easy to read, as well as the website and child warning labels.  The glass bottle is clear and easy to see the level of liquid you have left.  The child safety caps and a long dropper work very well.

All Hyper Plume bottles come in a 60ml size.  There is no smaller or larger option currently.  This isn’t a big issue at all and I’ll explain further in my final thoughts.

The flavor profiles are:

  • Turbo – Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Warp – Mango Smoothie

As typical, I’ll be using a Snow Wolf 200w mod with my trusty Snubnose RDA.  24 gauge dual coil @ 0.37 ohms running at 45 watts.

Hyper Plume Warp and Turbo

Hyper Plume Warp and Turbo

Better view of the Hyper Plume label

Better view of the Hyper Plume label





This isn’t my first foray into strawberry ice cream flavors.  I recently reviewed &Drip’s Red Label which is a strawberry ice cream and cone and was instantly hooked (I’m actually vaping on it currently in my Subtank as my daily ADV).  Turbo was also the beta flavor I was able to try and knew that this was going to be good.

I don’t think there were too many tweaks from when I tried it compared to the final flavor profile.  Strawberry flavored ice cream is a good change from the strawberry creams that have really penetrated the market.  While it’s creamy, it doesn’t come off as overpowering.  The strawberry is simple and not artificial tasting.  It’s like scooping a big helping of your favorite strawberry ice cream, albeit a bit warmer.

Starting at 45w the flavor was warm and delicious.  50w became even smoother and creamier and 55w became just heavenly.  Pushing 60w the flavor became a bit lost in the heat so for the coils I’m using 50-55w seems to be a great sweet spot.


Mango smoothie.  Intriguing.  One of my favorite fruits is mango, but I’ve found it’s been a hard flavor to replicate in eliquid.  It comes off as sugary and artificial in many of the liquids I’ve tried.

I prime my dripper again on some fresh cotton, let it break in puff away.  Mango is clean tasting and sweet right off the bat.  It balances well with the milky smoothie back.  So far I was intrigued.  Even the best liquids I can get sick of quickly though.  So I kept vaping.  And vaping.  And vaped some more for the next hour exclusively on this liquid to see if I became tired of it.

I didn’t.  An hour in (so far the longest I’ve tested any liquid continuously) I was consistently greeted with a wonderfully non-artificial tasting mango flavor.  Color me surprised and happy.  I tried the liquid between 45 and 55w in 5w increments and found that cooler wattages really bring out the mango well.

Final Thoughts

I have to say that these are great flavors that really deserve some recognition.  Every aspect of the liquid from the flavor profile to the bottle size to the design has been very well thought out.  I don’t really have anything negative to say about either Turbo or Warp as both flavors I enjoyed immensely.

Pricing is very competitive.  Even though it’s only a 60ml option, I can’t say I can complain with how fast some tanks go through liquids lately (the Smok TFV4, CCI Triforce, and a few others come to mind).  The 60ml bottle comes in at $24.99 and if you buy both bottles on their site, it’s $44.99 saving you $5 if you were to buy them separately.  At $0.374/ml, that is an excellent deal for any decent juice.  For liquids as good as these it could easily command $20 or more for half the size.  This is through and through a premium liquid with a value price.

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Value: 10/10
  • Overall: 9.5/10

Hyper Plume Website


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