Recent Diacetyl Posts On Facebook

It seems every time I refresh my Facebook feed, I see an article posted or shared that talks about a recent Harvard T.H. School of Public Health study that references high levels of diacetyl and acetoin in the liquid used by electronic cigarettes.  People are posting it who I can imagine never really read more than a couple sentences about it but posting huge warnings about how much worse vaping is compared to smoking.  That article is here.

Vaping is not worse than smoking.  It’s been shown to be 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.  This is known and proven.  If you believe from the one line of an article you didn’t read that vaping is worse, I’m sure you believe that chemtrails are real and Obama is a Muslim as well.

What the Harvard article fails to mention is the following.

  1. Most large and small eliquid companies have been aware of the diacetyl levels in their liquids and made changes to their recipes to mostly or fully remove diacetyl and acetoin from their liquids.  This came up over a year ago and there are independent labs testing the liquids to verify this.  There is a ton of information and resources to look all this information up on any liquid that has been on the market for a few months.
  2. Diacetyl and acetoin is also present in traditional cigarettes. 
  3. The levels found in traditional cigarettes are over 750 times that of any eliquid found to actually contain it.
  4. The test used specified that the liquids were heated up in 8 second “puffs” with a 15-30 second rest time.  8 seconds is a long period of time and it has been known from previous testing this is far outside the bounds of normal vaping (3-5 seconds is much more common use).  This can lead to an overheat/dry burn that based on the wicking material used can release different chemicals that would not be present during more standard use.
If smoking isn’t associated with popcorn lung, why would vaping be especially when the levels are that much less comparatively?

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