Mission Elixirs Review

Mission Elixirs Review

Mission Elixirs is another company I discovered while in North Carolina for the Vape Mania convention.  They are an up and coming New York City based eliquid company with a very interesting mission (pardon the pun) that I’ve been seeing more and more companies do as of late.  Mission Elixirs chooses a charity every month and donates 10% of each bottle sale to that charity.  The past charities include the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and NotBlowingSmoke.org


3 different flavors are currently available.

  • Benefaction – A sweet yet tart take on a blueberry parfait. The creaminess of a vanilla yogurt swirled with the natural goodness of blueberry and subtle hints of granola.
  • Contribution – The crisp taste of your favorite lemon lime soda enhanced by natural strawberry flavoring
  • Endowment – A modern twist on a strawberry ice cream cone. The combination of natural ripe strawberries with the sweetness of marshmallow and sugar cone flavors


Hardware For Testing

I’ll be using a Snow Wolf 200w mod with a Vulcan Vector RDA.  24 gauge dual coil @ 0.32 ohms running at 60 watts using 316L stainless steel wire.  I recently started using stainless steel wire due to it’s quick ramp up time and cleaner flavor compared to kanthal.


First comes Benefaction.  At first the description reminded me of another blueberry yogurt flavor that I liked quite a bit (The Downside by the Schwartz) but since it’s a parfait style flavor, the added granola flavor seemed intriguing.  I tend to have a blueberry parfait for breakfast quite often and this seemed like a good pairing.

The granola is a bit more forward than I expected and comes through much more clearly than the blueberry.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but based on the description I expected the blueberry as the main flavor.  The vanilla yogurt is subtle and is balanced well between the granola and blueberry.  The vanilla comes out on the exhale nicely.

This is a very well flavored liquid and is easy to vape all day.  Other than a slight description change, I don’t have anything negative to say about Benefaction.

Rating: 9/10


I always jump at the chance to try a new lemon or lime eliquid.  Since I vape Placid by Adirondack Vapor daily (and have for the past couple years), a liquid along the same flavor profile always interests me.  So lemon, lime, and strawberry…yes please.

The lemon and lime are extremely well balanced.  The balance is pretty much perfect.  The lime doesn’t over power the lemon and vice versa.  It’s a symbiotic blend that when you add the strawberry on the backend makes for an extremely delicious, easy to vape eliquid.  You get all the flavors on both the inhale and the exhale.  If you like lemon and/or lime flavors, you will love Contribution.

Rating: 10/10


It seems that a lot of companies are moving away from the strawberry custards and moving towards more complex strawberry creams with subtle notes of different flavors.  One of the more popular blends I’ve been seeing is strawberry ice cream flavors.  I previously reviewed &Drip’s Red Label which was a strawberry ice cream and cone flavor.  Endowment is similar but with an added marshmallow layer.
From the start, the strawberry ice cream and marshmallow comes out clearly.  The strawberry is natural tasting, the ice cream has a good creaminess to it, the marshmallow adds just the right level of sweet sugary flavor, and the cone comes out on the backend subtly to top it all off.
Overall, this is a great liquid.  The flavor is on point and well balanced.  For you strawberry and cream lovers, this is a great choice.
Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts

When I look back at my thoughts on the Mission Elixirs line, I realized I rated each liquid on the higher side.  But it was not without reason.  Benefaction, Contribution, and Endowment all are excellent liquids.  You can tell off the bat a lot of hard work went into each and every flavor.

On top of how much I enjoyed these flavors, the choice to contribute 10% of each bottle to a different organization every month really helps set Mission Elixirs apart.  Most companies do not do this and it’s a great way to show that the company happily gives back to their community or other charitable organization.

Pricing starts at $15.99 for a 30ml while a 120ml bottle is a very reasonable $45.99.  They also offer all 30ml bottles in one package for $35.99 under their Donator’s Package.  This is a very good price point and for the quality of the liquid, could easily command a $20+ per bottle price.

In the end, go buy this liquid and know that each and every bottle you buy will goto a good cause.  You’ll also enjoy it so why not buy from a company that gives back as well?

Mission Elixirs Website

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