Bigglesworth Labs – Amalfi – Review

Bigglesworth Labs – Amalfi – Review

Amalfi is the second of 4 liquids I’ll be testing from Bigglesworth Labs.


Amalfi is an almond cake with a slight note of apricot jam.  As per the website description, it pairs well with a dark coffee.

Hardware For Testing

Jaybo Reauleux DNA 200, Snubnose RDA with a dual 24 gauge kanthal build @ 0.39 ohms.  Testing will be done at 45-55 watts.


Almond cake has never been an overpowering flavor in any food.  It’s always been a more subtle flavor that I never found overpowering in any sense.  This rings true in Amalfi.  The almond cake is light and subtle.  The flavor is there but not something that stands out at first vape.

The apricot jam is also very subtle.  It comes in as a secondary flavor and mostly on the exhale.

Overall, the flavors are well paired.  The almond cake is an accurate representation and the jam is a welcome secondary flavor.  Plus, it is easy to vape for multiple hours as it is not an in your face flavor.  You won’t get sick of this liquid quickly.

Last, the jam flavor only comes out at lower wattages.  The almond flavor and heat overpower the jam when approaching the 55w point in my testing.

Bigglesworth Labs - Amalfi

Bigglesworth Labs – Amalfi – 30ml

Final Thoughts

Amalfi is a solid flavor.  If you’re looking for something you can vape all day on a dripper this would be a good choice.  But since the flavor is so subtle at times, I feel like it would get muted even more so in a tank.  If you do choose to use a tank over a dripper, I would suggest using a clapton coil style build to help offset the muted flavors you tend to get in tanks.

30ml’s start at $12.99 and can easily command a price in the $17-$18 range.  120ml’s are also available for $40 and 500ml bottles are $150.  Value pricing for a premium quality liquid.

Nicotine levels are 0, 1.5mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  For some of the long time smokers the only negative is that there is no higher nicotine option available.  For a large population of vapers the nicotine level should satisfy most people.


  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Value: 10/10
  • Is it harsh: no

Bigglesworth Labs

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