Bigglesworth Labs – Prairie – Review

Bigglesworth Labs – Prairie – Review

Bigglesworth Labs is a company I’ve been seeing for a while on the reddit electronic cigarette subreddit for quite some time.  4 flavors, very well priced, and partnered with Bombies, a long time player in the eliquid industry.  When their liquids were made available to me, I jumped at the opportunity to open them.


Prairie’s flavor profile is quite interesting.  Banana, tobacco, & peanut butter with a hint of a cooling menthol (provided by Axiom Labs, another long time player in the industry and probably one of the best menthol liquids out there).

Hardware For Testing

Jaybo Reauleux DNA 200, Snubnose RDA with a dual 24 gauge kanthal build @ 0.39 ohms.  Testing will be done at 45-55 watts.


I’ll be very honest.  I typically shy away from tobacco flavors.  I never enjoy them that much as they always come off as overly powerful or too sweet depending on the flavor.  But it has been a while since I’ve even tried a new tobacco based flavor.  Keep an open mind right?

Right off the bat (at 45 watts) I get a semi sweet tobacco and peanut butter flavor.  The peanut butter is balanced nicely and really compliments the tobacco flavor used in this liquid.   The banana is subtle but present.  And the added menthol gives a nice cooling effect on the backend of the vapor.

50 watts provides very minimal change in flavor.  At 55 watts, the peanut butter flavor comes out and really shines.  The tobacco is still well balanced.  Seems this liquid likes a little more heat than others.

I’m only testing in 3mg nicotine but it’s extremely smooth.  Though at this low of a nicotine level it’s hard to tell how high quality the nicotine actually is.  If I had 6mg I’d be able to tell better.

Lastly, the vapor is full and thick.  This is a Max VG liquid and based on viscosity is in the 75/25 range or higher.

Bigglesworth Labs - Prairie

Bigglesworth Labs – Prairie – 30ml


Final Thoughts

This is a liquid I’m a little surprised to say I enjoyed.  Like I stated earlier, I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavors.  But this is well balanced enough that it is quite enjoyable.  Plus, who doesn’t like bananas and peanut butter?  The only thing I’d say is that some people might not care for the menthol.  But for this specific blend, it’s well matched to the liquid.

30ml’s start at $12.99 and can easily command a price in the $17-$18 range.  120ml’s are also available for $40 and 500ml bottles are $150.  Value pricing for a premium quality liquid.

Nicotine levels are 0, 1.5mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  For some of the long time smokers the only negative is that there is no higher nicotine option available.  For a large population of vapers the nicotine level should satisfy most people.

  • Flavor: 8.5/10
  • Value: 10/10
  • Is it harsh: no

Bigglesworth Labs

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