Vapor City Sauce – Red Herring – Review

Vapor City Sauce – Red Herring – Review

While I was a bit disappointed with the size and layout of the Philadelphia United Vape Expo recently, it did give me a chance to talk to a few vendors who I have not had the pleasure of speaking with before.  One of them was the reps from Vapor City Sauce, a New Jersey based liquid company with a brick and mortar store in the northwest region of the state.  Vapor City Sauce has 7 different flavors, and I randomly started with Red Herring before looking at the flavor profile card.  I’ll be reviewing their other 6 flavors over the next few days so make sure to look for the future posts on the Vapor City Sauce line.


Red Herring is a fruity flavor that is reminiscent of a purple bag of rainbow candies.

Hardware For Testing

I broke out the Hobo X for today’s test!  It’s a DNA200 powered stabilized wood mod with a 900mAh LiPo battery pack.  My Snubnose RDA will be my dripping atomizer of choice today.  It is running a dual 24 gauge kanthal build @ 0.39 ohms.  Coils were dry burned clean and fresh Japanese cotton used as the wick.  Testing will be done between 45-55 watts.


This is definitely a very sweet and sugary flavor.  There’s a very strong berry flavor with an added sugariness to it. The berry flavor is present first on the inhale with the sugariness lingering in your mouth both before and after you exhale.  It’s a very light flavor though.  Once I closed my RDA to about halfway, the flavor was more present but still pretty light.

Since this is a sweeter sugary flavor, I tried pairing the vapor with some gummy bears as an experiment.  I wouldn’t complain about that food pairing.

This is not a flavor that likes a lot of heat.  I recommend using this liquid in the lower ranges of wattage.  45 watts seemed to be the highest this flavor liked in my testing.  Higher than 45 watts, the flavor became easily overpowered by the heat of the vapor.

Overall, i’m a bit unimpressed with this one.  I don’t mind sugary liquids but I tend to stick away from them as they gum up coils faster (after a couple mL of liquid I could already see the buildup starting to form on my coils). I also get tired of overly sugary flavors quickly.  While the flavor profile is perfectly acceptable, it isn’t blowing me away.

Vapor City Sauce - Full Line

Vapor City Sauce – Red Herring is the dark maroon bottle 3rd from the left

Final Thoughts

This liquid is woefully average.  If you like sweet sugary vapes, I can say you’ll probably like it.  But then the price will disappoint you as well.  As per Vapor City Sauce’s website, a 30ml bottle runs $21.99.  That’s a rather expensive price as it’s pushing into the ultra premium price point.  To market at over $20, you really have to be something special to command that price.  Red Herring does not deliver that value.

  • Flavor: 5/10
  • Value: 3/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Recommended wattage: low

Vapor City Sauce Website


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