Vapor City Sauce – Fear Mongering – Review

Vapor City Sauce – Fear Mongering – Review

Fear Mongering will be the 4th of 7 flavors I will be testing from Vapor City Sauce.


Fruity creamy cereal.


A Hobo X will be used for today’s test.  It’s a DNA200 powered stabilized wood mod with a 900mAh LiPo battery pack.  My Snubnose RDA will be my dripping atomizer of choice today.  It is running a dual 24 gauge kanthal build @ 0.39 ohms.  Coils were dry burned clean and fresh Japanese cotton used as the wick.  Testing will be done between 45-55 watts.


Right from the start there is no doubt that the liquid is a cereal flavor and which cereal flavor it is trying to emulate (Fruit Loops).  You won’t know it from the smell of the liquid, but you will know the flavor from the first time you taste it.

On the inhale you get a lemony and cereal flavor of Fruit Loops (or close to it).  Most cereal flavors have a lemon base to them and Fear Mongering is no different in that regards.  The creamy/milky taste is present and balances well with the cereal flavor.

But on the exhale I found little to no flavor just like the previous 3 flavors from Vapor City Sauce.  The vapor is present and thick (this is probably in the 75/25 or higher VG/PG) but I found that it is almost tasteless as you exhale.  It seems to be a common trend for all their flavors.

Fear mongering seemed the best around 50w.  Lower was a little too cool and higher was just a bit too hot for the flavoring.

Vapor City Sauce - Full Line

Vapor City Sauce – Fear Mongering is the blue bottle 3rd from the right

Final Thoughts

Even though I did enjoy the flavor at the start, not having any flavor on the exhale just kills this liquid for me.  Considering this was the 4th flavor I tried that had the exact same problem, I even resorted to testing on another dripper I had laying around with a fresh build and found the same exact issue.

At a price of $21.99/30mL I cannot recommend this liquid.

  • Flavor: 5/10
  • Value: 2/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Recommended wattage: medium

Vapor City Sauce Website

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