Vapor City Sauce – Rebel – Review

Vapor City Sauce – Rebel – Review

Rebel will be the 5th of 7 flavors I will be reviewing from Vapor City Sauce.


Creamy custard with a sugar cookie sweetness.


Jaybo Reauleux DNA200 with a Vulcan Vector RDA.  SS316L 24 gauge, 10 wrap.  40-50w test.  2 of 4 air holes open.  I’m switching over to SS316L for this test to see if there’s any difference in flavor. SS (Stainless steel) typically gives a cleaner taste than kanthal in my opinion.  It is also rapidly becoming a temperature control standard wire as more mods support it.  I also moved to the Vector as the top cap and drip tip do not get quite as hot in sustained testing.


Vanilla custard is a flavor that has been done over and over again.  Not that it’s a bad flavor, there’s just so many on the market it can be difficult to find a decent one.

Rebel starts off pretty strong.  The vanilla custard is flavorful and fully present on the inhale.  I don’t get much of the sugar cookie sweetness described.  It is there but very subtle.  The sweetness adds an extra note that is not typical in most vanilla custard flavors.

As with the other 4 liquids I’ve tested, the exhale is a bit disappointing.  It isn’t quite as flavorless as the other 4 but it’s still lacking that full experience out of a bottle of liquid costing over $20/bottle.

Vapor City Sauce - Full Line

Vapor City Sauce – Rebel is the 1st bottle on the left

Final Thoughts

I thought I might have found the one unicorn in this line.  Strong full-bodied vanilla custard off the bat.  But it quickly disappointed me by not giving me what I would expect from a premium liquid.  As with the other Vapor City Sauce liquids I’ve tested, there is very little flavor on the exhale and that is rather disappointing.  The flavor on the inhale is quite good.  I just wish it carried the whole way through.  If it did, I would have given the final flavor rating a higher score.

  • Flavor: 5/10
  • Value: 2/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Recommended wattage: 50+ watts (higher temperature)

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