RoShamBo Liquid – Mango Cream – Review

RoShamBo Liquid – Mango Cream – Review

RoShamBo Liquid is a new liquid that is very recently being distributed by Lotus Vaping Technologies.   They have 3 flavors (Mango Cream, Blueberry Cream, and Toffee Cream).  I’ll be starting with Mango Cream and reviewing the other two flavors in different posts.


Hobo-X DNA200 mod, Hobo v3.1 RDA.  Build is a dual coil 26 gauge 316L Stainless Steel wire around a 2.5mm bit.  Resistance is 0.3 ohms.  Wattage is between 45-55 watts.


I’ve been finding more and more mango on the market lately.  Which is a great thing as it is one of my favorite fruits.  But mango is very easy to get wrong.  Sometimes it’s the wrong level of sweetener.  Sometimes the flavor comes off artificial.  Sometimes it’s both.

RoShamBo’s liquid is none of these things.  The mango is sweet but not overpowering.  It is clean tasting and not artificial.  And the cream pairs very nicely with the mango without being overbearing.  To sum up, take a bowl of fresh cut mangos, add some freshly made cream and the result will be exactly what you are tasting from this eliquid.

At 45 watts the flavor is well balanced between the mango and cream.  Pushing towards 50 the mango really comes out.  Over 50 watts the mango gets a bit overpowered.

RoShamBo Liquids

RoShamBo Liquids

Final Thoughts

I haven’t been able to put this liquid down for very long.  It just has this simple and honest flavor that makes it so enjoyable.  The mango is spot on, the creme is sweet but not overly, and combined it makes for a really great liquid.

And then there is the price.  $12.99 for a 30mL bottle is an excellent price point.  It’s a premium liquid at a very competitive price.  Once you start seeing it pop up in brick and mortar shops, you can bet it will sell quickly.

  • Flavor: 8.5/10
  • Value: 10/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Recommended wattage: 45-50w (or medium temperatures)

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