Vapor City Sauce – Rumors – Review

Vapor City Sauce – Rumors – Review

Rumors 6th of 7 liquids I will be testing by Vapor City Sauce.


Sweet candy grape mix.


Jaybo Reauleux DNA200 with a Hobo v3.1 RDA.  Dual coil 26 gauge Stainless Steel 316L @ 0.29 ohms.


I’ll be completely honest.  I’m not a huge fan of grape flavors.  They always come off as artificial or like medicine to me.  And Rumors is no different.  I do get it.  Most grape flavoring is based on the concord grape.  It comes off as this completely different grape flavor because that’s what it’s meant to taste like.  I’ve had concord grapes before and a little light bulb goes off when you realize that the artificial grape flavors are all based on this.

That being said, it is an accurate representation of a sweet grape.  It is decently sugary without being over the top.      Also, this is the first of all the flavors I’ve tried that actually has some taste on the exhale.  It’s not exactly in your face and bold.  But it is present which was a nice surprise considering that all the other flavors I’ve tried from Vapor City Sauce were lacking in this regard.

Vapor City Sauce - Full Line

Vapor City Sauce – Rumors is the purple bottle second from the right

Final Thoughts

I really thought that I was going to possibly like this one.  It started off with a good amount of flavor but quickly lost it on the exhale.  The grape is accurate with an extra sweetener.  Another liquid, another disappointment.

As the other liquids from Vapor City Sauce, the cost that this liquid is going for at retail ($21.99/30mL) is too high.  At best this is a $14.99/30ml liquid and even that is pushing it.

  • Flavor: 5/10
  • Value: 2/10
  • Is it harsh: no
  • Recommended wattage: medium (up to 50w)


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