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Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit silent here lately.  That’s not on purpose but I do apologize for it.  I’ve tried to send quick updates and links through my Facebook page to help spread awareness and advocacy regarding recent FDA regulations as fast as I can find them.  But that’s not the main reason why I’ve been so silent.

Starting June 24th weekend, I will be releasing my own E-Liquid line called Great Falls Vapor.  The past few months have been beta test after beta test, working with a graphic designer to come up with the labels, and creating the business partnerships that I’ll need to be successful.  The webpage is still not complete and there’s quite a bit of work to do right up until the actual release.  But, when it does become available, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The release will take place at VaperSlam New York.  I’ll have a booth there where I’ll happily introduce the flavors (and myself) to anyone I can.  I promise I’m quite friendly in person.

Wholesale and distribution should be available that same weekend or shortly afterwards.  My goal with the company is to create the best possible liquid at a consumer friendly price.  I’m targeting a $24.99 retail price point for 60ml bottles.  That’s an excellent price for any decent liquid out there and I promise I can compete with the $20+ 30ml “premium” brands.

The two flavors that will initially drop are:

  • Let Them Vape Cake
  • Rollin Dough

Let Them Vape Cake is a classic Italian pastry.  You’ll first taste the flaky crispy dough, paired with a complex vanilla cream and almond, with just a hint of citrus throughout.  I’ve modeled this flavor after something available at a local pastry shop that has been deemed “The closest you can get to actually getting it in Italy.”  You’ll be very impressed with how much complexity is in the liquid while being able to vape it all day everyday.

Rollin Dough is a cinnamon sugar covered doughnut with a creamy vanilla gelato ice cream, carefully drizzled with a nutty chocolate topping.  The doughnut is in place of a typical ice cream waffle cone and is a staple dessert in a couple European countries.  The dessert has been seen on Reddit’s FoodPorn subreddit and across various other aggregate sites.  You’ll initially taste the sugary cinnamon, followed by the vanilla gelato and nutty chocolate.  Another complex flavor that will send your taste buds bonkers.

One of the biggest things to me while creating these liquids is that I tamed the use of sweeteners as much as possible.  Overly sweet juices wipe out flavoring and create havoc on your coils.  These only use enough to enhance the flavoring, not mask a terrible recipe.

I’ll still be posting here from time to time, but I ask that you come follow my progress through the various social media links below.  Throw us a like/follow and subscribe to updates.  I’m usually much quicker at updating those.

Facebook Company Page

Facebook Group


–Jason, The Jersey Vaper

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