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Big Announcement!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit silent here lately.  That’s not on purpose but I do apologize for it.  I’ve tried to send quick updates and links through my Facebook page to help spread awareness and advocacy regarding recent FDA regulations as fast as I can find them.  But that’s not the

Recommended Batteries as per ECF’s Mooch

Recommended Batteries as per ECF’s Mooch Over the last few months, Mooch, a user/blogger on the Electronic Cigarette Forum has been testing just about every battery on the market.  He’s tested every big name battery manufacturer and the too many to count “rewraps” against their published specs and actual specs. He recently published an image on his

Simpler Posts, Faster Reviews!

Hi everyone!  With a new year comes some new ideas for The Jersey Vaper.  I’ve decided that while I loved doing full line reviews it simply takes way too much time to do multiple juices in one review.  Moving forward I’ll be doing one liquid per post. What does this mean?  It means I’ll be

Mission Elixirs Review

Mission Elixirs Review Mission Elixirs is another company I discovered while in North Carolina for the Vape Mania convention.  They are an up and coming New York City based eliquid company with a very interesting mission (pardon the pun) that I’ve been seeing more and more companies do as of late.  Mission Elixirs chooses a charity every

Recent Diacetyl Posts On Facebook

It seems every time I refresh my Facebook feed, I see an article posted or shared that talks about a recent Harvard T.H. School of Public Health study that references high levels of diacetyl and acetoin in the liquid used by electronic cigarettes.  People are posting it who I can imagine never really read more than a

Coming Soon!

Over the next few weeks, TheJerseyVaper will be a fully functional site with personal discussion around various advocacy in the Tri-State area and from around the country.  I’ll be also doing reviews of some hardware and liquids that come across my desk or I find on my various travels.   Stay tuned! -TheJerseyVaper