Bigglesworth Labs – Amalfi – Review

Bigglesworth Labs – Amalfi – Review Amalfi is the second of 4 liquids I’ll be testing from Bigglesworth Labs. Flavor Amalfi is an almond cake with a slight note of apricot jam.  As per the website description, it pairs well with a dark coffee. Hardware For Testing Jaybo Reauleux DNA 200, Snubnose RDA with a

Bigglesworth Labs – Prairie – Review

Bigglesworth Labs – Prairie – Review Bigglesworth Labs is a company I’ve been seeing for a while on the reddit electronic cigarette subreddit for quite some time.  4 flavors, very well priced, and partnered with Bombies, a long time player in the eliquid industry.  When their liquids were made available to me, I jumped at

Simpler Posts, Faster Reviews!

Hi everyone!  With a new year comes some new ideas for The Jersey Vaper.  I’ve decided that while I loved doing full line reviews it simply takes way too much time to do multiple juices in one review.  Moving forward I’ll be doing one liquid per post. What does this mean?  It means I’ll be

Mission Elixirs Review

Mission Elixirs Review Mission Elixirs is another company I discovered while in North Carolina for the Vape Mania convention.  They are an up and coming New York City based eliquid company with a very interesting mission (pardon the pun) that I’ve been seeing more and more companies do as of late.  Mission Elixirs chooses a charity every

Recent Diacetyl Posts On Facebook

It seems every time I refresh my Facebook feed, I see an article posted or shared that talks about a recent Harvard T.H. School of Public Health study that references high levels of diacetyl and acetoin in the liquid used by electronic cigarettes.  People are posting it who I can imagine never really read more than a

3WG Elixirs Review

Another local juice made it’s way on to my desk.  3WG Elixirs, based out of Greenwood Lake, NY.  I like to review anything local as often as possible so I happily bumped these liquids up my queue. 3WG Elixirs currently has 4 different liquids and I will be testing all of them. Outlaw – Banana

Hyper Plume – Eliquid Review

Hyper Plume About a month ago I was given a set of Hyper Plume’s debut liquid line.  I was lucky enough to get to beta test one of the flavors (Turbo) while they were still tweaking the flavors for the final product.  I can happily say that I now have their final product in my

The Dough Haus Vapery – Review

The Dough Haus Vapery As I work through my backlog of liquid to taste and review, I was recently handed 2 bottles of liquid from The Dough Haus Vapery.  These two bottles are both donut flavors with strawberry or blueberry.  These two liquids make up their line. Both bottles use similar labels and the flavors

Steadfast Liquid Co – Full Review

Steadfast Liquid Company As I’ve seen time and time in the vaping industry, there are many companies out there that spend more money on marketing and making another buck instead of focusing on making a good quality product.  You see this over and over again with fancy labels, crazy names for a line of flavors,

Secret Handshake Vapor Draught Review

With new e-liquids hitting the market daily, it gets difficult to tell what is really well made and new compared to another version of an existing established flavor.  Most of the time, you’re getting variations of well-known flavors or knockoffs/trademark infringement of other companies (see Gush, Snap, Fruit Stripe, as well as countless others).  It’s