&Drip – Red Label – Juice Review

There’s not a lot of times I can say I really love an e-liquid on the market.  There’s so many flavors and variations, with many different levels of quality in terms of flavoring, nicotine extract used, and vapeability right out of the bottle.  90% of the time, I like a liquid but there’s always something

PA – 40% Wholesale Tax on Vapor Products Still Being Considered

Pennsylvania Call to Action: Oppose the Governor’s unjustifiable 40% wholesale tax on Vapor Products and Smokeless Tobacco It seems that many of the PA state assembly is listening to our concerns about an unjustifiable wholesale tax of 40% on electronic cigarette/vapor products.  But Governor Wolf is still trying to push through the tax in the budget

Another Local Ordinance Influenced by GASP

Recently, the township of Hillsdale in New Jersey is looking to change their local ordinances to match the existing state laws regarding tobacco sales.  Currently, in NJ you have to be 19 years of age to purchase tobacco.  For some reason, there was a local ordinance in the town that superseded the state law and

E-Cigarettes 95% Safer Than Smoking – Public Health England Research and Recommendations

A recent study published by Public Health England has started virally circulating the web in the past 24 hours.  Many news sites have picked it up (I personally first saw the article tied from a Reuters article).  While it has been reposted/shared/mentioned all across social media, I decided to take an in-depth read into the

Cloud Sauce Vape – Cereal Milk Reloaded E-Liquid Review

Cereal Milk Reloaded by Cloud Sauce Vape is another liquid I picked up at Vape Expo NJ.  I’ve had it on my table for the past few weeks and decided to finally try it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all too excited to try yet another cereal and milk flavor.  I’ve been somewhat over them

ScienceDirect – Cigarette/Electronic Cigarette/Air Study

ScienceDirect – Comparison of select analytes in aerosol from e-cigarettes with smoke from conventional cigarettes and with ambient air Disclaimer: The link above is a scientific article describing in detail testing procedures and methods of comparing standard cigarettes, multiple electronic cigarettes, and standard air.  Much of the article is outside my higher learning background but

California Extraordinary Session on Health Care (SB140/SB151 Special Session)

California Extraordinary Session on Health Care Notblowingsmoke.org recently posted a wealth of information regarding the followup special session bills that would push forward many of the issues California vapers fought in SB140 and SB151.  As many of you may know, SB140 and SB151 were very adamantly fought against and were eventually dropped from the docket. Unfortunately for

ECigarette-Research.org – Dr. Farsalinos and Scientific Data Regarding Levels of Aldehydes in Vapor

E-cigarettes generate high levels of aldehydes only in “dry puff” conditions (irrespective of the power levels) Finally!  Some real information and scientific evidence (and by that I mean research that has been done and peer reviewed).  When an earlier study done earlier in 2015 by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that there were

Drip Nation Full Eliquid Line Review

When I was at Vape Expo, I had the pleasure of sitting with the Drip Nation crew for a little bit to discuss their liquid line.  At the end I was given a bag with their full line, information card, and business cards.  Whoever did their marketing/graphic design/and overall vision of how they wanted to

Rockland County NY Needs Your Help!

Right now county legislators are scheduled to hear a bill (specifically item 7 in their agenda) that would define vaping products similarly to tobacco products and ban them from use indoors.  While there is an exemption for specific vape shops, this does not provide enough defined difference in the indoor bans and could cause problems